Military Muscle Review 2020 – The T-Booster For The Army

Millitary Muscle

Launched in 2019 by Mil-Tech Pharma, Military Muscle is a new and T-Booster that was developed having one thing in mind, Massive dosages.

The massive dossages of ingredients and no banned, or forbidden, substances in Military Muscle are the main features of this new product. Or at least that’s what can be said at first glanse on their website.

If you want to try something different from those Walmart/eBay/Amazon products, then you should keep reading our full review.

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Millitary Muscle Ingredients

Vitamin D3

If you are new to supplements, T-Boosters specifically, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is one of the most important ingredienta since it is linked to the synthesis and release of testosterone [47]. Some research has demonstrated that DAA induced the enhancement of Luteinizing hormone and testosterone. Hence, DAA produced an effect on the hormones in the brain responsible for testosterone production. Another study reported that men who supplemented with DAA for 3 months experienced from 30 to 60% increase of their testosterone levels.

Macuna Pruriens

Research shows that mucuna pruriens seeds are good for male fertility. Furthermore, some analysis reveals that with the right supplementation of mucuna pruriens, men saw a significant increase of testosterone. In addition, mucuna pruriens reduces prolactin which is harmful for testosterone production and has a negative effect on libido and the ability to produce an erection.


Military Muscle contains a massive 600mg of Ashwagandha extract, much more than its competitors. 600mg has demonstrated its ability to increase testosterone levels and increase muscular strength across a variety of exercises according to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition when compared to a placebo over a 90 days period.


A daily dose of 500mg of Fenugreek has shown to increase testosterone levels and reduce body fat over a 60 days period. This is why Military Muscle provides 500mg and offer bigger discounts on orders with 2 or more months of product. Fenugreek is also able to increase libido levels in men. Studies discovered that fenugreek was also able to reduce menopausal symptoms in healthy women.

D-Aspartic Acid

Research demonstrated that DAA induced the enhancement of Luteinizing hormone and testosterone. DAA has a positive effect on the hormones in the brain responsible for testosterone production. Studies reported that men who supplemented with DAA for 3 months or more experienced 30 to 60% increase of testosterone.

DAA can also improve fertility for those suffering from a low sperm count or reduced sperm quality.

Urtica Dioica

This ingredient has shown anti-inflammatory properties [45], and has shown some evidence to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogens. [46]. Furthermore, urtica dioica revealed that it is rich in a number of nutrients including vitamin C, potassium, calcium amongst others.

Other Ingredients: Zinc, Boron, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin K2



For Mullitary Muscle, the transparency of the brand and the product is vital. They are a new brand but it is quickly gaining their customer’s trust by showing a full natural ingredients label, with no priprietary blends that might hide dangerous substances. Besides, they show multiple certifications that the product or the manufacturing facilities have.  Showing their commitment on a powerful, clean and yet, safe formula.

Millitary Muscle Certifications

Does Military Muscle really works?

The formula created for Military Muscle works in a similar to other T-Boosters. From the label, it show that they have done the research to provide the latest ingredients and the right ingredients/volumes to boost the production of testosterone over an extended period of time. Of course, higher levels of testosterone flowing through your body, will start changing it for good. They will even do a better job if you are having a proper diet, regular excercise and sleep.

What does higher testoterone levels mean?

  1. Get back your libido
  2. Facilitates Fat loss
  3. Focused mindset
  4. Improved Stamina
  5. More Strength

If you want to order Military Muscle click here

Final Thoughts

If you are feeling tired, you gained weight in the last years, you are suddenly feeling lost and it is really hard for you to concentrate or you feel stuck in the routine. You should try the product!


  1. Recent formula with some of the latest ingredients.
  2. Massive dosage of ingredients.
  3. This supplement was developed in the UK.
  4. It is manufactured in both, the US and the UK in certified facilites.
  5. Free Shipping Worldwide
  6. Option for Signed and Tracked International


  1. Price
  2. Recent Brand

At first sight, it looks like the Military Muscle is expensive at £49.89US$65€59 and AU$96 per bottle. Although, considering the number of ingredients which is slightly superior to many other T-Boosters in the market and the higher dosages of each on of the products.

It is actually a fair price and a quality product.

They give free worldwide shipping from 1 bottle which is great. And they even have an option to get a Priority International Signed and Tracked using DHL and some other couriers.

Another thing that we liked was that on the website they have the Messenger option.

Nowadays, many supplement companies are not using Messenger or Whatsapp on their sites because they don’t want to be in touch with their customers. However, Military Muscle has this option.

They also have a Facebook Page and they have a good amount of postiive comments.